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Dundee and Angus is the place of 'Coasts and Waters'

There is always so much going on in and around Bamuirfield House B&B each year. It's difficult to keep up! (or update our website)

2020 is VisitScotland's 'Year of Coast and Waters' and we're never far away from either here in Dundee. The silvery Tay is a sight to behold from on top of the Dundee Law , whilst crossing the rail or road bridges or even when kayaking along it.  

If getting the sand between your toes is your thing then you've got a choice of any of the fine beches that dot the Angus coastline. From Monifeith all the way up to Lunan Bay, it's golden sands all the way. 

Here's 5 recommended watery places or activities to dip into

1. Pirate Boats Ltd offer one hour trips to experience the open water with a tours from Dundee taking in local sights and wildlife. On the water you'll get the chance to get a new perspective on V&A Dundee or make friends with the local Bottlenose Dolphin population. Booking is always recommended -

2. Did you know that Scotland's biggest AquaPark is in the centre of Dundee? So, if your feeling the need to really jump right in then head over to Foxlake Dundee to learn about their fantastic facilities that offer wakeboarding, ringo rides, paddleboarding and even stand up yogaboarding (who knew?). You can book corporate days and kids parties too!

3. If you're looking for the quintessential Scottish harbour experience with boats, the smell of the sea and the dulcet tones of the seagulls;then Arbroath harbour is the place for you. Arbroath is home of the world famous 'Arbroath Smokie'  and after you've had a look at all the bobbing boats, head over to one of several fish houses that are located around the harbour and try one for yourself. A trip also to the Signal Tower Museum is a must. Keep an eye out for the Bell Rock lighthouse and some Woolly 'Yarn bombing 'too.

4.  So many beaches, so little time. Why not pack yourself a wee picnic and head up to Carnoustie, EastHaven, Montrose, Lunan Bay or Auchmithie. They're all brilliant.

5. There are some watery delights inland too. None more so than the beautiful lochs than Scotland has in abundance. We recommend Locah Brandy, but don't take our word for it;head over to Scottish Adventures and watch one of Cameron's ace videos!